Gathering global talents to create a big ecosystem of MTC sports chain

Taylor Smith
Master of Financial Management from Cornell University, USA, worked at Morgan Stanley Investment Bank and had his own unique insights in the payment field. Shareholders of American Pioneer Group began to lay out blockchains in 2012, arguing that blockchain is financial Subversive innovations are dedicated to building a business empire in the blockchain field.
Genevieve Leveille
Estonian national blockchain blockchain technology consultant, founder of the digital currency influence agency. Graduated from Columbia University, USA, with experience working in the information technology and service industries. Strong entrepreneurial spirit, good at cash, market risk, liquidity management, treasury and business transformation.
Richard Marx
Graduated from the Ivy League School of Boston, USA, with a master's degree in computer science. He has 5 years of working experience in the famous social communication company Facebook. He masters the core technology of social applications. During his tenure, he participated in the underlying architecture, system maintenance and software of the new generation of encrypted communication. Research and development work.

Alexander Von Preysing
Financial Advisor
He used to be Senior Vice President and President of Distribution Services at Deutsche Börse. He joined the Deutsche Börse in 2002 and has been responsible for various departments, and is well versed in bonds, private equity funds, risk management, IPO, etc., and has achieved good results.

Alfredo Aguirre Valdez
Core Developer
Former Tesla software engineer, software development in different business areas for more than 13 years. From finance to logistics, I have experience in development in different development environments such as PHP, Python, iOS, Android, and Microsoft protocol stacks. Customers include American Express and BBVA Compass. His personal projects include multiple apps in the Apple App Store, with more than 4K downloads in GitHub's open source library, and Facebook apps with more than 2.7 million monthly page views.