Sports fitness industry intelligent blockchain service platform

The MTC team adheres to the development philosophy of “standing on the shoulders of giants”, fully absorbing the advantages of other blockchain projects, and combining its own innovations to implement practical solutions.
Sports Fitness Reward
The reward mechanism will be the core application scenario of MTC. MTC develops sports watches for sale to users (currently sold in online stores). The watch is both a smart wearable device and a mining device. The user has spent his time and his own exercise, using his athletic data to obtain MTC's digital asset rewards. According to the amount of exercise each user participates, we reward the user's corresponding digital assets through different algorithms. These digital assets can be used both as money consumption and as an asset, and rewarding users will appear on the community's rankings. This will motivate the user to move further and gain rewards in terms of material aspects and social honors.

Online Shopping Mall
After users get digital assets, they can conduct some transactions and exchanges in MTC's online store, such as purchasing sports and fitness equipment, sports gym time, sportswear and so on. Under the traditional technical conditions, commodity trading must go through multiple links, each link must increase costs, and the information is extremely opaque. The MTC online store can provide low-cost, transparent and convenient trading solutions for all parties. Through the characteristics of decentralization and smart contracts, peer-to-peer transactions are possible. Manufacturers can directly trade with end consumers, which can be significant. Improve transaction efficiency, reduce transaction costs, and obtain market feedback in a timely manner. Moreover, through the smart contract, all the expenses are automatically executed according to the agreed content, without the need for both parties to invest too much energy and time, which greatly improves the efficiency of the transaction between the two parties.
Community Service
MTC will build a user community, allowing a large number of sports and fitness enthusiasts, clubs and sports gyms to freely discuss various issues in the field of sports and fitness, and exchange sports and fitness knowledge and sports knowledge. Moreover, considering that sports and fitness is a professional field that can establish long-term social relationships, MTC will also open a content publishing module. Users can post original content on the platform to help other users learn relevant knowledge and feel valuable knowledge. Users can subscribe to this content to motivate the publisher's behavior (similar to the current knowledge service). All payments are paid in digital currency

Business Alliance
At MTC, because the data cannot be tampered with, the asymmetry of information is greatly reduced, and the communication cost between enterprises is also reduced. The problem of distortion of information distortion is solved, and the efficiency of information circulation is greatly improved. Data can be transmitted between the main body of the sports and fitness industry chain (such as sports gyms, equipment manufacturers, smart wearable devices, etc.). The main body of the industry chain can establish alliances, information and users at low cost, so there is no need to waste time. The game, and more energy is spent on providing the best products and services to the end customer. At the same time, it can also greatly reduce the cost of getting customers.
Global fitness industry digitalization
MTC issued a fixed amount of 1 billion digital assets. MTC digital assets can be used as a value circulation and trading medium in the field of sports and fitness, not only as a bookkeeping reward, but also as a digital currency for general equivalents. Through MTC, it can provide good digital service support for the development of sports and fitness industry.,MTC will promote the digital transformation process of sports and fitness industry assets and accelerate the liquidity of industry assets

Sub-chain Extension Application
MTC provides the underlying technology that will consume MTC in the process. Sub-sectors will beMTCDevelop and apply under the underlying technology to enhanceMTCValue Space