The MTC team fully absorbs the advantages of other blockchain projects and combines its own innovations to implement practical solutions.
The project was initiated by Hong Kong Laoshu Online International Co., Ltd. (the daily operation management will be handled by the MTC Foundation). Headquartered in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Laoshu Online International Co., Ltd. is a multinational company with internationalization and diversified business development. The company's cable education, e-commerce, intelligent cutting-edge technology, film and television culture media, games, blockchain and other industries, while developing the blockchain technology will open up with various industries, form a digital ecological community, create a new business mode.

In mainland China, the old tree online blockchain + e-commerce platform, carefully developed by Hong Kong Laoshu Online International Co., Ltd., a listed company in the United Nations (stock code: 430177), focuses on online education and socializing. E-commerce, blockchain research and development and application, and has reached a cooperative relationship with more than a dozen well-known domestic brands such as Wang Laoji, Vida, Husk, Xiaomi, Xueda Education, Yunifang, Nature Hall and Kangaroo Mother. Just after launching the market, the platform won the attention and praise of dozens of media such as Today's headlines, Netease News, Tencent News, Business Weekly, etc., and is known as the next unicorn company of Internet mobile e-commerce. The MTC project is the latest blockchain project created by Hong Kong Laoshu Online International Co., Ltd., which is supported by a large number of resources. The important mining equipment used in the project, the smart sports watch, is sold in Laoshu Online Mall.