Introduction to the MTC kinematic chain

Release Date:2018-09-30 17:12
With the blockchain 1.0 represented by Bitcoin and the blockchain 2.0 represented by Ethereum, the blockchain has come out of the conceptual phase, and will then enter the blockchain 3.0 era, block Chain 3.0 will highlight the scope of cryptocurrency and financial applications, which will be combined with the practical application of various industries, allowing users to feel the true value of the blockchain. In recent years, the global sports and fitness industry market has been increasing in size, but problems such as indifference in sports and fitness, lack of reward mechanism, and difficulty in overcoming laziness still exist. The application of new technical thinking is a good opportunity for the sports and fitness industry to break through the tradition. The MTC (Motion Chain) project is a blockchain project based on blockchain technology developed and operated by Hong Kong Laoshu Online International Co., Ltd. and the MTC Foundation to enhance the quality of sports and fitness and to develop shared economic value. MTC fully applies the characteristics of blockchain decentralization, trustworthiness, and smart contracts, which can solve the problems in the current sports and fitness field to a large extent. All entities and individuals in the industry chain can carry out information transmission, accurate data, asset trading and fund allocation activities on the MTC. These actions are protected and encouraged by blockchain technology. Core Values: Decentralized, Open, Transparent, Fair, and Shared Development Vision: Applying blockchain technology to the national sports and fitness field, and building a global national sports and fitness service platform, MTC, will issue 1 billion digital assets in a constant amount. MTC digital assets can be used as a value circulation and trading medium in the field of sports and fitness, not only as a bookkeeping reward, but also as a digital currency for general equivalents. Through MTC, it can provide good digital service support for the development of sports and fitness industry.