MTC kinematic chain governance structure

Release Date:2018-09-29 17:14
The MTC project is governed by a foundation. The Foundation is committed to the construction and governance of MTCs. The main objectives are to ensure the sustainability of MTC projects, as well as the security and management effectiveness of fundraising. The MTC Foundation's organizational structure consists of a decision-making committee, a fund self-governing committee, and an executive committee. The governance structure includes operational procedures and rules for day-to-day work and special situations. In order to avoid the direction of community members, the inconsistency of decision-making, and even the resulting division of the community, the Foundation explains the general affairs and privileges of the management community by establishing a good governance structure. The design goal of the foundation governance structure is to maintain the sustainability of the platform ecology, decision-making efficiency and fund management compliance. The Foundation exercises daily powers from the decision-making committee. After the expiration of the term of the decision-making committee, the community will vote for the core staff of the five decision-making committees. The selected core personnel will make important and urgent decisions on behalf of the foundation and will be subject to credit investigation during their tenure. In the early days of the foundation, in order to facilitate the rapid operation of the project, the members of the first decision-making committee will be composed of team members and representatives of early investors for a term of two years. After the expiration, they will be re-elected by the community. The decision committee consists of five members, including three on behalf of the team and two on behalf of the early investors. All decisions are made with a 3/5 multi-signature system.