Introduction to MTC Digital Gateway

Release Date:2018-09-28 13:20
The MTC Digital Gateway is the import and export of funds into and out of the MTC system. It acts like an intermediary through which people can inject or withdraw various currencies (whether national currency or bitcoin) into the MTC system. In this case, even if two people are untrusted strangers to each other, as long as both of them trust the same gateway at the same time, the transfer between the two can be carried out. If the "gateway" is filled by a big bank or a large financial institution, then this chain of trust is easy to set up. The introduction of "gateway" solves the problem that the transfer between users is no longer limited to acquaintances, but also between strangers. The MTC digital gateway algorithm searches for the shortest path between gateways. As long as there is an intermediate gateway, a trust chain can be formed to enable the goods to be successfully exchanged. As shown below, Alex's agent AgenMTC may not believe Beth's agent Agent B, but there may be a third-party agent Agent C who believes in both of them. At this time, there will be 2 owed clauses: Alex's agent owes a third-party agent; The third party agent owes another to Beth's agent. The third-party agent Agent C is responsible for the transaction processing. Through the third-party agent, a bridge supporting different currency exchanges can be formed, and the second-level payment can be realized by integrating the lightning network. Gateway interactive blockchain gateway is essentially a set of BTC, ETC-based payment accounting system, which can be connected with the merchant's order system. After the Token is automatically sent, it also supports the member to send tokens to the Token in batches. Token also supports API auto-token.