MTC (sports chain) builds a global national sports fitness service platform
MTC (sports chain) to build a global sports fitness service platform


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MTC Kinematic Chain

MTC digital assets can be used as a value circulation and trading medium in the field of sports and fitness

 P2P communication technology

The MTC network is a P2P peer-to-peer network implemented by the MTC protocol. The MTC protocol is a set of protocols for transactions on the Internet. The agreement allows people to transfer value in a distributed network, just like an email that can send money. In fact, the purpose of the MTC network protocol is to be able to quickly achieve consistency of transaction information across the network nodes, which provides the basis for the consensus process.


MTC double side chain

MTC will create a new underlying technology platform to link a variety of different blockchain technologies to allow trust-based value to flow freely across different blockchain systems. MTC is the double side chain of the Block Chain and DAG systems. Realize the interoperability of information and value based on blockchain and non-block based distributed systems. MTC is a medium for cross-platform value interoperability, and the MTC platform itself is a carrier for cross-platform information exchange..
The MTC VM will provide a safe, reliable and high-performance operating environment for core value data sharing and trading and smart contracts in the ecosystem. The virtual machine in the MTC VM is a database in addition to running the smart contract. The database in MTC is more like a database sandbox, and the nodes of each running virtual machine will have independent sandboxes, ensuring that the data in the chain will not be affected and the security of data writing is guaranteed.

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MTC sports chain reshapes the global sports fitness ecosystem